Custom Fatshark Lenses

RHO-Lens - the first company in the world to offer prescription lenses for all Fatshark goggles!

Fatshark comes with a diopter lens set of -2, -4 and -6 diopters, but what do you do if you have -5 or +8 diopters? Or if you have astigmatism? Fatshark does not provide a solution for this, but RHO-lens was the first and is still the best at providing a custom product to enhance your goggles.

Features of RHO-Lens FPL:

  • Custom-made ophthalmic lenses from your doctor's prescription.
  • Highest optical imaging quality. Forget Fatshark's poor cheap plastic lenses.
  • Very thin and light-weight.
  • Super anti-reflection, anti scratch and anti dirt coatings.
  • Cut with CNC machines, fits perfectly.
  • Worldwide express shipping available.

The price of the RHO-Lens FPL is EUR 69.00. We offer a money back guarantee if the lenses are not manufactured according to your input or do not fit into the Fatshark slot. Worldwide shipping for only EUR 6.20. Please e-mail us your prescription or use our online contact form if you have any questions.

Note: We provide a EUR 40.00 refund for your testimonial on Youtube and EUR 30.00 in any larger FPV forum.

RHO-Lens FPL - Order Information

Please note the following information prior to ordering:

Please enter the prescription values of your current eye exam. The values must be for normal vision which means focusing at 7 feet (2 meters) distance. Do not enter values for near vision or reading glasses.

The price of 69.00 Euro is for lenses within the range from sph/cyl -6/+2 to +5/+2. (That is equal to the range from sph/cyl -4/-2 to +7/-2.) If your values are outside of this range then we can still make your lenses, but we have to buy special and more expensive lenses and this will affect your final price. We will let you know what your cost will be after you send in the form by clicking the button below.

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