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German engineering with some really high quality lenses that fit into your goggles and make the Headplays perfect for guys like me … Pretty awesome. They made my view so crystal clear … I really like them. They really work for me.

Jim T. Graham, admin of, 12th Jan. 2016

I installed and it works nice. Thanks … The RHO is brighter and a bit more clear. Good job.

Vova Reznik,, inventor of the Headplay HD, 29th Nov. 2015

The RHO-Lens for the Headplay is brilliant …

Seamongrel, Thingiverse, 12th Dec. 2015

I enjoy the RHO lens much better then the headplay lens. mine came in a timely manner and are constructed beautifully …

Tronaton,, 17th Oct. 2015

I tested it and it works beautifully. I am VERY PLEASED. Thank you very much for such a good product!

Pierre Seguin, by E-Mail, 3rd Feb. 2016

RHO lens for Headplay glasses, 2 thumbs up
Hi guys. Recently I bought a set of Headplay glasses to use with my P3. I’m 53 and need reading glasses for close up things. I was bitterly disappointed that I could not focus on the LCD screen. I tried the two lenses that came with it but no joy, I tried using reading glasses and again no go. I ordered an RHO lens from Ralf in Germany I thought it would be my last kick at the can. I was really surprised at the quality of the RHO lens, it has a little weight to it and is quite “thick.” After fitting it into my Headplays and turning them on I was shocked at how clear and in focus everything was. Thanks to RHO for a tremendous product.

Canada Goose,, 19th Dec. 2015

I don’t write a lot of reviews, but feel compelled to say something about RHO Lenses for Headplay. After all the hype around the HeadPlay, I was disappointed when I received my Headplays as I found the image to be slightly too large and certainly very difficult to focus on, particularly at the edges. I realized of course that the problem was primarily due to my old eyes and not being able to see clearly at short distances and simply not being able to strain enough to work out the distortion and fuzziness created by the huge field of view. I tried using reading glasses with the Headplay, but the solution was clumsy and I could not see the full field of view through my reading glasses. I ordered RHO Lenses without doing much research simply because the Headplays were basically unusable to me without doing something. The RHO Lens has made an unbelievable difference for me. The Headplays now exceed their hype! The image is spectacularly clear through the RHO lenses. So clear in fact I can see each individual pixel. Incredible improvement given my old eyes. In addition to a purely more crisp and clear lens, the focal distance is moved out considerably. It is much more comfortable for me to see – no eyestrain across the entire field of view. Another interesting side effect is no motion sickness. I used to fly with traditional goggles and admit after a few flights I always felt queasy. This has not happened with the Headplay+RHO Lenses. I suspect that the significantly lower eyestrain even compared to goggles is a significant factor in contributing to queasiness I previously felt with traditional goggles. Headplays are an incredible product and for me, RHO Lenses have allowed them to exceed the hype in terms of visual clarity and effectiveness for my older eyes.

Jeffrey Head,, 4th April 2016