Compatibility HPHD

RHO-Lens HPHDAdaptibility

Fits into a variety of headsets!

Compatible with Headplay HD, Skyzone SJ-V01, eYeboxfpv. And compatible with the Hobbyking Quanum v2 with a little modification.

Hobbyking Quanum v1, v2 Pro

“Here is the quanum v2 mod with RHO-lens. I already moved the screen to the back earlier as I think everybody has done. I cut 3-4mm deap grooves on each side of the nose piece for the lens to sit in. Then I put some hot glue around the bottom of the lens to keep it in place. And two drops on the nose piece to keep the lens from tilting front and back. Biggest problem was that the coating on the lens is so good that its hard to get the glue to stick. Very happy with the picture quality and my eyes are now relaxed when flying with these goggles. :-)”

“i have the Quanum V2 and used also the addon kit for the proper lens, but still the picture is blurry. This is caused by that i am wearing glasses , then i found this website : RHO lens specially for older age people.  cut some foam out for the glasses near the nose and hotglue the glasses in see picture , use 23mm thick strong foam and hot glued it to the top glove see picture, i use a lot of foam so it sits good on my head. I can recommend this RHO lens, all is in focus now also when wearing my own glasses. Try it if you have focus problems”

Jac Engel, 28th May 2016, RCGroups

eYeboxfpv, 7-inch version

Fits perfectly without modification into the 7-inch version. See